The 19th AmendmentA letter to the Editor
The 19th amendment of 1920 is possibly one of the most destructive laws ever passed, and I’m ashamed that such an atrocity passed during my lifetime. Women needed to work in the factories while we men were at war, but we’re back now. Now, they should go back to having children, cleaning, cooking, and keeping their mouth shut on things they’re just not meant to understand. Won’t someone please think of the children?! Who will take the place if women refuse their role as our breeding machines? More importantly, WHO WILL MAKE OUR SANDWICHES? Women belong at home in the kitchen, not out voting. Politics are much too difficult for women to understand anyway. I have great reason to believe that women’s brains are smaller than that of the average man. Women are such emotionally driven creatures that most of them don't have a logical bone in their body.There is a reason that they were created as helpers to men.At this rate, we’ll have women running for office. Despicable!I vote on behalf of my whole family. Next thing you know, they’ll be letting my cocker-spaniel vote for our senators. Women make terrible decisions! That woman, Margaret Sanger, is even championing birth control! Women having control of their own bodies? Shameful! This Carrie Chapman Catt and her League of Women Voters are nothing but a bunch of trouble makers! Alice Paul and the National Women’s Party is an outright embarrassment to the country. President Wilson seemed to be on our side for the whole of his presidency, then all of a sudden changed his mind! Clearly, he fell under the influence of these evil woman “activists.” These women are nothing but a bad example to young girls everywhere! They might get into their heads that they deserve equal pay as men! I, for one, am ashamed that such an outrageous event took place in my lifetime. If you ask me, this “progress” is nothing but a mistake. America, put women back in their place!
-Mr. Guy Man