Welcome period 2! So glad you could join us this year.

Outline Groupwork for: Maddy, Jenae, Rachel, Andrew, and Cassidy - YAY, WE FINISHED! Haha. Thanks guys. I'll print this tonight and we can get everything organized and turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow? =), Maddy

Practice Exams. Really helpful! :)


^^^ Review site for outlines, practice tests, etc.

Outline Group for Kelsey Harding, Sara Yoe, Haley Good, and Ashley Thuman - As long as you have done your individual work, you are free from APUSH outlines FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

PERIOD 2 RULES BTW. just thought i'd throw that out there :^)
Let's make ours look better than period five's. Please. ;]

Alec, Joseph, Mitch, and Andrew were here !!! =)))))))) Huntingtown Huskies RULEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

**Outline page for Emily, Mitch, Joseph, and Garrett**

GEORGE WASHINGTON!‚Äč ==> external image 300px-8_ugly_people.jpg

Outline Page for Emily King, Joe Chandlee, and Sara Yoe


Sara Yoe and Kelsey Harding's page