World's Fair: Carnival Games and Sports!

Darcy Whelan, Coral Keller, and Coertney Scoggin.
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No one has actually ever found information about the specific games at the World's Columbian Exposition 1893, but it was the first ever carnival, and most carnival games are modeled off of the amusement games found there. So, we took a look at the games that evolved from this carnival, and made them small enough to fit in the Media Center. We based our information mostly off of what was found at Coney Island just a few years later.

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Spin the Wheel
Spin the wheel and land on a certain color; you could win a prize or lose everything!

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Duck Pond
We put multiple ducks in a basin filled with water. Based on the designs on the bottom of them, a player would get a corresponding prize.

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Roll the ball to try and land it in a hole. More points =A better prize!!

The majority of the carnival games and sports of the World's Fair were similar to the popular sports of the early twentieth century. Some of these were swings, a "steeple chase" (mechanical horseback riding), bumper carts, and "spill the milk" (the milk bottle knockdown). Most games at the Columbian Exposition were located in the "Midway Plaisance", a mile long by 600 ft wide strip of the Fair that received 2.25 million admissions, an astronomical amount for the time period. The majestic decoration and feel of the Midway inspired many creations, such as Barnum's town of Oz and Walt Disney's Disney World. Some other attractions located there include the first hula dancers, belly dancers, a model of the eiffel tower, and the first ever ferris wheel.

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