1) All the following are factors of colonization exept:
  • a) Religious Unity
  • b) Religious Toleration
  • c) Naval Dominance
  • d) Nationalism
2) Maryland was set up as a :
  • a) Protestant haven
  • b) Quaker haven
  • c) Catholic haven
  • d) Puritan haven
3) The main crop exports of the plantation colonies were
  • a) Potatoes and Tomatoes
  • b) Tobacco and Rice
  • c) Cotton and Corn
  • d) Oats, Wheats, and Barley
4) France is to Quebec as Britain is to __.

a) Jamestown
b) Annapolis
c) Baltimore
d) Sante Fe

5) The labor system of the British West Indies sugar plantations relied almost entirely on

a) African slaves.
b) the encomienda system
c) indentured servants
d) Aristocrats

6) How did John Rolfe save the economy of Virginia?

a) married Pocahontas
b) brought a new type of earthworm to America
c) developed a sweeter more desired tobacco
d) fought against the Indians