Progressive reform: square deal, new nationalism(belived that only a strong federal government could regulate the economy and guarentee social justice)

Roosevelt, Wilson, Taft connection to progressivism: wanted to create a balance between producers & consumers

enlarged capacity government to fight graft, "bust" businesss trusts, regulate corporations, & promote fair labor practices, child welfare, conservation & consumer protection

R-egulate corporations
Bull MoO-se Party
NO-bel Peace Prize
S-pread democracy
E-nglarged capacity
ConserV-ation movement
E-conomic oppurtunity
L-abor unions
T-ames the trust

W-ins re-election
I-dealist in politics
L- Laissez Faire
S-ocial justice
FO-urtneen Points
N-ew fredom

T-aft the trustbuster
A-nti trust suits
F-air labor practices
T-erm of foreign policy = dollar diplomacy

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