Use the various words to denote categorizing:

W~means wiki, just indicates this is a new standardized page name
  • All~anything that applies to everything on the wiki (like this page)
  • Period#(insert period number here)~Shows it is specific to a period
  • DBQ~Shows it is relevant to a DBQ
    • #(number of the DBQ)~indicates what DBQ
      • Document (followed by designation)~page for a document
      • Outline~outline of ideas for prompt

if I wanted to create a chapter 25 outline page and I was in period 2, the name would be:
W-Period2-Chapter 25

Note the tiers of formatting are separated by hyphens.

-Uploaded documents must have a copy of the page that its intended use is for and a common/proper noun description
ex -> a scanned copy of Doc A for DBQ 4 for the period 1 page: W-Period1-DBQ4-DocA-scanned copy
extensive, yes, but very categorical